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what is Spirituality?


Spirituality is the belief, knowing, pursuit, or experience of the part of us that is beyond body and mind. The proof of Spirituality is in the personal experience of it. The value of spirituality is in the society it has the potential to create. The purpose of spirituality is human progress.

Spirituality in practice

Spirituality is about two things – practices done with the conscious intention of experiencing or progressing our spirituality, and practices done not with such a conscious intention but still conducive to spiritual progress. The former include activities like worship, and prayer etc. The latter include kindness, compassion, honesty, cooperation, caring, contribution, charity, meditation, doing good, self-discipline, focus, respect, gratitude, fairness, and healthy living - these are ‘goodness practices’. Goodness is the foundation on which we build spirituality.

Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality is something that can be sought and practiced either within religion or without. Spirituality is an aspect of being human. It existed before any religion existed. Some people are quite happy sticking to religion as the basis of their spiritual practice. For others, religion has failed to answer their questions or meet their needs. Spirituality is a personal practice. Even though there are fundamental spiritual principles and an overall process to follow, the individual journeys are different because everyone is starting from a different place.


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