A Remarkable Journey to Inner Peace

Reboot Your Soul

Announcing the New Updated 2018 Program

Reboot Your Soul is a 21-Day Facilitated Program to Create Inner Peace, Inner Strength and Spiritual Connection in the midst of a busy life and everyday challenges.

Replace Anxiety with Peace

Spiritual Truths bring peace

Feeling Anxious or Worried?

We worry because of the meaning assigned to events and circumstances in our lives. With a limited perspective, we only have a limited number of meanings we can assign. The truth has many perspectives. Discover amazing new truths and new perspectives so that you Instantly experience life with a New and Powerful awareness instead of anxiety or worry. 

"The Mind is Stronger than the Body, The Soul is Stronger than the Mind."

Become Resilient to Workplace Stress

Feeling overwhelmed at work?

The 'busy-ness' of life fragments us and disconnects us from our inner grounding system. This program will re-connect the different parts of you so you can feel whole and grounded again. You will immediately see improvement in how you respond to people and events that currently stress you. You will learn to let go of resentments. You will feel like a newly empowered person

Feel Positive when facing Change

A Fresh Start for a New Beginning

Going through change? 

Jump-start your life to a New and Wonderful beginning. New truths, new perspectives,  new tools, new connection.....start the next chapter of your life with new Clarity, knowing that you will attract good things into your life. Discover what life should really be like.

Find what you've been looking for

Spiritual Connection

Want to apply powerful spiritual principles in everyday life?

Discover timeless principles that create meaning, clarity and efficiency in everything you do. Feel at peace knowing that you are living your everyday life without losing touch with the deepest meaning of life. As you Increase your connection with a new and greater vision of life, you connect with a new ability to bring about the change you wish in your life.

Why Participants Love the program:

“So much less anxiety and stress!"

"This came along at such a perfect time because I was feeling overwhelmed, unfocussed, and inundated. But now I’ve experienced so much more clarity, purpose, and vision – and so much less anxiety and stress – in my business and private life since beginning Dr. Sharma’s program. I absolutely LOVE his 21 day Reboot Your Soul program and recommend it to anyone!"

Pix Jonasson

Business Owner, NSW, Australia

"Brought Peace to a Stressful Life!"

"Dr. Sunil Sharma's 21 day Reboot Your Soul program was a tremendous help in my life! He teaches you new perspectives, which brought peace in certain stressful areas of my life. Sunil's daily classes will help you to Reboot your Soul in a kind, and peaceful manner. I highly recommend his Program!"

Alison Blakley

Bank Manager, Utah, USA

“In just 21 days I feel like a changed person!"

"I highly recommend Dr. Sharma’s “Reboot Your Soul” 21 day course. My wife and I had previously participated in a meditation retreat led by Dr. Sharma so I knew this course would be wonderful before I even started. And it did not disappoint - each day I spent around 10-15 minutes watching a video of Dr. Sharma sharing his wisdom and about 5 minutes sharing my thoughts on the lesson with the group and/or completing a short exercise. Sunil has been on his path for many years and condenses much wisdom into this course; in just 21 days I feel like a changed person. I’m not sure I will ever be free of stress and anxiety entirely but this course has put me on the path towards more serene living. As a bonus, Dr. Sharma includes a couple of his amazing guided meditations."

Michael Hodgins

Business Owner, Phoenix, USA

"A Magical Combination of Benefits!"

"I really enjoyed this 21-day Reboot your Soul Program! Despite being on the spiritual path for quite some time now, I found a couple of nice surprises :-) . It also helped so much in my integration process! The program allowed me to manage my timings to follow it each day, taking just the right amount of time, which was very practical. It overall brought to my life a magical combination of simplicity and clarity that obviously comes from someone who is walking his path. Now enjoying your book From Here to Happiness. Thank you Sunil!"

Karen Noack

Translator and Hypnotist, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“A jump start to a new and wonderful beginning!"

"Thank you for this amazing program Sunil. Reboot your Soul has helped me capture the real essence of life. It has given me the confidence to step up, to conquer my goals and dreams. It has made me aware of things I can change and given me the tools to change them. This program is the jump start to new and wonderful beginning. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!"

Maria Salazar

Spiritual Wellness Teacher, Mexico


Each day of the program…you need to do just 3 Easy things.

1. Watch the video. You’ll receive a new lesson in your email early every morning for 21 days. Each lesson is a 10-15 minute thought-provoking video that you can watch at your convenience. If you miss a day or two, you can easily catch up. Every lesson introduces a new truth that promotes clarity and creates strength, confidence and peace within. You will discover a whole new way of experiencing life.

2. Complete a short exercise. Each lesson ends with an inspiring prompt to share your thoughts, download a meditation, or complete a short (5-10 mins) exerciseAs you reflect on the lesson, you integrate the teaching into your life. You also benefit from other people's comments. Like all participants, you will have your own 'Aha' moments, and suddenly you see new meaning and opportunity.  

3. Ask your questions. Dr. Sharma accompanies you throughout the program. Beside each lesson is space to ask him questions about the lesson, all of which he will answer. As a result, you get a thorough understanding of the lessons and how to apply the wisdom. The clarity you get inspires action, and action further strengthens your wisdom. The online lesson page is a safe place to ask any and all questions.


  • check
    21 amazing lessons to create a new foundation for Inner Power and Peace.
  • check
    Dr. Sharma's unique and powerful downloadable guided meditations.
  • check
    Understand the two journeys you are on, and how to balance them.
  • check
    Real-life stories to quickly illustrate the concepts and principles.
  • check
    A simple navigation system that will guide you to a place of strength and confidence.
  • check
    How to open yourself up to the endless opportunities around you every day.
  • check
    The secret to becoming more focused and efficient in everything you do.
  • check
    How to use the 3 voices in your head for guidance when you need it most.
  • check
    How to use everyday experiences to strengthen your spiritual connection.
  • check
    A powerful breathing exercise to calm your mind and get the utmost value from every meditation session.
  • check
    A strategy to process fear, and how to eliminate its influence from your life.
  • check
    Morning and evening practices to stay grounded throughout the day.
  • check
    Action Steps ("exercises") that bring each lesson to life and ensure you implement each Soul Reboot strategy as you go along.
  • check
    The opportunity to interact with Dr. Sharma and other participants throughout the program.
  • check
    A Certificate of Completion on participation in the program.


  • check
    Feeling that you are getting past your fears and living more fully.
  • check
    Feeling more equipped for healing the pain of the past.
  • check
    Feeling that you are back to Inner Peace.
  • check
    Improved clarity and focus.
  • check
    Feeling more grounded
  • check
    Ability to not ‘sweat the small stuff’.
  • check
    Feeling less bothered by criticism
  • check
    Feeling more supported by the Universe
  • check
    A greater sense of spiritual connection
  • check
    Feeling Inspired and that your life is ‘back on track’.

Join us, the 21-day program starts on Monday  February 19th, 2018 

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If you are not fully satisfied that you took this program, we will happily give you a full refund. You are invited to experience this amazing program with zero risk.

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