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How the Mind Works

Understanding the 3 Voices of the Mind, with Dr. Sunil Sharma (10 mins)

The 3 Competing Voices in the Mind

Any time you are trying to make a decision and find yourself "in two minds", you are actually in 3 minds! Each of us have these three voices in our minds that are in competition with each other. Our choice depends on the voice that wins in a particular situation. This also determines the longer term impact of the choice on our mind and therefore our experience of life.


This is the voice of "I can't be bothered". It can also be the voice of 'darkness' or 'dullness' that lacks any positive motivation either for oneself or for anyone else.


This is the voice of "What's in it for me?", Desire being defined here as a personal, self-focused desire. Action motivated by this voice creates activity, attraction, wanting, and competition. It creates gains that only temporarily satisfy, leaving dissatisfaction and an unfulfilled void in its wake.


This is the voice of "What's in it for everyone?". This voice looks at the bigger picture and the longer term implications of a choice. There are wider considerations in play than a narrow, personal agenda. Action motivated by this voice creates caring and collaboration, and gains that are more deeply satisfying and lasting.

How the mind works

Why this matters?

The mind is at the centre of our experience of life. Whether we feel happy, fearful, angry or all happens in the mind. Doing things is also at the centre of our life experience. We are doing things and making choices all day long. Understanding the impact of choices we make, what we do and how we do them is central to creating mental health and preparing the mind for the subtler truths of life.

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