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How I Stopped Worrying about Anything and Everything!

A Fresh Start for a New Beginning

One of the most anxious times of my life that I can remember was the very first time I had to 'fire' an employee. I had to 'let go' of a salesman who just wasn't selling! The worry started one whole month before I actually did the deed! How would he take it? What would he say? How would he feel? I had pictured all kinds of scenarios in my head.

Turned out not to be the end of the world after all! In fact, he was not completely surprised to hear what I had to say! But, Oh, the amount of energy I used up that whole month worrying about that moment! That experience was to inspire a long search into the nature of life, the mind, fear, spirituality and life success.

Hello, I'm Dr. Sunil Sharma, author of From Here to Happiness.

Stress, Anxiety, Worry.....all forms of the same thing.....FEAR.

Whatever form it takes for you, you know fear better than most people....maybe its a fear of failure, the fear of being judged, of being rejected, of not being up to the job, of not being treated fairly, of losing your job.....there are a thousand faces of fear.

One thing that my many years on this planet have taught me is that life is not random:

  1. Fear happens in the mind.
  2. The feeling of fear is connected to a thought of fear.
  3. A thought of fear is connected to a fearful experience or a fearful mindset.
  4. Fearful experiences can be healed. Fearful mindsets can be corrected.
  5. Heal the experience you change the thought. Correct the mindset, you change the thought.
  6. Change the thought, you change the feeling.
  7. Change the feeling, you remove the fear.

Fear is one of the biggest barriers to any progress in life - physical, mental or spiritual. It takes away your peace of mind, and without peace of mind, there is no happiness.....

I'm sharing my best strategic tools to overcome FEAR in a free, one-time only 3-day coaching program. Learn the same strategies I've been using with my groups and private clients.

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