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The Power of Goodness

Goodness is Good for You

If you have been following my work or have been on my Reboot Your Soul program, you will know what I mean by Goodness - it is one of the three voices in the mind and it directly impacts our state of mind. If you have not heard me speak about the 3 voices of the mind before, please watch the video below so that the subsequent explanation makes sense. It helps understand how you can achieve clarity and peace of mind.

Three Voices of the mind

The 3 Voices of the Mind with Dr. Sunil Sharma (10 mins)

Goodness is Profitable

We live in a culture where the mantra often seems to be "what's in it for me?". This is the voice of Desire (as explained in the video above). Yet we seek ways to deal with the stress and anxiety, and find inner peace. Acting on your voice of Goodness is one of the simplest ways to experience achievement and at the same time progress towards peace of mind. It is therefore highly profitable. After all, what price would you put on peace of mind?

The challenge is that, at first sight, it goes against the notion of "what's in it for me?". However, once you decide to value your mental health, freedom from stress, and sense of satisfaction in life, then you immediately see "what's in it for me?". Goodness is indeed 'profitable'.

Goodness is Good for Business

Marketing is about understanding a customer need and fulfilling it. When you make fulfilling the customer need your goal, rather than trying to get them to buy and trying to maximize your profit as the overriding goal, then you are employing Goodness in your business too. Yes, it may not lead to the most financially profitable business, but it will still be the most profitable approach. Lots of money without peace of mind may look attractive from the outside, but it really isn't that much fun. 

You can believe the magazines and advertisements and blindly follow the voice of Desire, or you can aim for real freedom and satisfaction in life, and still make money.....give Goodness a try....it is good for you and good for everyone.

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By the way, if you are interested in what religion has to say about Goodness, click here.


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