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Dr Sunil Sharma -  Spiritual Guidance

Hello and Welcome! My name is Dr. Sunil Sharma, and I created Happiness Today to help people connect with their Inner Strength and find Inner Peace. This enables us to engage positively at work and in our relationships, and find meaning, progress and satisfaction in life.

My inspiration comes from wisdom, timeless and profound, that changes us from the inside out, and connects us to that which we all seek to know, experience and express.

I work with groups and, time permitting, individuals who want to actively enhance their progress and experience of life. These are often action-oriented people like entrepreneurs, leaders and managers. I also create deep working meditations that everyone can use to bring about healing and inspiration, and support people in their journey ahead.

My Journey

My journey started at the age of 12 when I left home to live and study at a residential school in India founded on spiritual principles. Yoga, meditation and prayer were a part of daily life. Our school motto, translated from Sanskrit, was “From Darkness to Light” - this has been the focus of my own journey and it is my mission to help people make their journey from darkness to light.

My first awareness of a wider meaning to life came around the age of 19 when I felt an ‘outside influence’ participating in my life. I continued to live the usual life - studied at the Indian Institute of Technology, then moved to the UK, completed my Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence, started my own software company, got married, and had kids. Life, for the most part, was good. I continued my yoga and meditation practice, but increasingly got sucked into the 'busyness' of life and work.

As we approached the end of the millennium, I felt an inner urge and calling to start studying ancient wisdom and explore the deeper fundamentals of life. The more I studied the wisdom and meditated on it, the more convinced I became that this was the highest knowledge there was to have. The scriptures also referred to it as the “Royal Knowledge”. In the year 2000, on a trip to visit my father in India, I was introduced to a guru. He inspired me to continue my quest to understand life.

From Here to Happiness

In 2007 I completed my first book called “From Here to Happiness’, which is about finding fulfillment in life. Although it was a milestone in my journey, it was not the end. It was in fact the beginning of a 'test' phase. I felt I had understood the basic fundamentals of life, but my understanding needed to be tested. I needed to know how and why the process worked. Although I didn’t expect everything to be ‘scientifically provable’, as a minimum I needed 'proof' through personal experience, that the principles worked. I started to experiment with timeless wisdom in life’s laboratory! What followed was a further ten years of testing, applying the wisdom and developing a deeper understanding of the principles at play.

Inner Connection

Along the path of increasing spiritual maturity and stronger connection came several spiritual experiences. Initially there were the usual ‘coincidences’ in life, but so frequent that I knew that these were ‘orchestrated’. Some experiences were not what I would have wished for, but turned out to be the perfect tests for understanding the wisdom and staying in control of the journey. I suppose if I was going to teach this wisdom, there needed to be no doubt. The confidence that comes from testing a ship in rough seas cannot come from smooth sailing on a calm sea!

In 2016, having walked the path to the best of my abilities, I experienced the feeling of deep, profound, divine love, of the kind that a creator has for its creation, or a parent has for its child. It had no boundaries. It felt like my journey had been one of following a stream hoping to one day see where it ended, and there I was at the ocean.

Nothing makes life more fun, meaningful and satisfying than inner progress. This has been my quest, my confirmation and my conclusion. This progress can be made in everyday life - at work, in business, in the community, and at home. Having made this journey, I feel there is nothing more valuable for me to give to this world than to help others understand the principles and the process, so that they too may progress towards a successful, love-filled, meaningful, peaceful and satisfying life.

My Work

In 2017 I started recording videos, meditations and lessons to help explain the principles. Reboot Your Soul, is my first online program where I take people through a 21 day process of understanding some of the key truths to start the journey to peace of mind and fulfillment, in the midst of a busy and challenging life. I help people see how the busyness of life, material progress and inner progress are inter-connected and can support each other.

I have created curriculum that is used to teach and inspire University students in leadership programs. I am also delighted to participate as an Advisory Board Member in the non profit Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement.

The world is changing rapidly. Technology is at the center of this change. People need new strategies for progressing in life. Businesses, governments and educational institutions also need to evolve their strategies for supporting people in their pursuit of happiness. I invite you to collaborate with me to help create a society that cares deeply about health, prosperity and fulfillment for all.

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